Business Activities

As the Islamic Financial services industry continues to grow, so also grows the need for qualified and experienced Shariah advice. Malfa Inc continues to contribute to the growth of the industry through dedicated and innovative research, membership on international standards setting organizations, and collaboration on a variety of projects and initiatives.

In terms of projects, a brief description is given in the pages of this section of some of the ground-breaking projects with which Malfa Inc was involved. These include the development of industry benchmarks, home finance products, and innovative Sukuk and other investment products. See Notable Projects.

In order to bring the industry and its principles to the attention of a broad range of financial industry professionals, Malfa Inc has been an active participant in meaningful dialogue and has addressed audiences worldwide on topics related to Shariah compliance and modern finance. For details, see the following section on Speaking Engagements.

Finally, as a rules-based industry dependent upon principles and precepts from the legal system of Islam, modern Islamic finance often finds itself challenged by issues of authenticity. It is for this reason that the industry turned to Shariah scholars in the first place, and then instituted for itself the Shariah supervisory boards, or Shariah committees that opine on the compliance or non-compliance of financial products and services. Malfa Inc has contributed in no small way to the growing body of Islamic legal literature on subjects of investment and financial intermediation. The section which follows on Publications demonstrates the depth of Malfa’s commitment to the academic and theoretical side of the growing Islamic financial services industry.